Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A visit to the Beach

Having grown up in the mid-west it is safe to say that we were land locked. It is true that if you had the means you could have a lot of fun on the local lakes or rivers. Neither of my parents were too interested in the water. Honestly we grew up without any extra money. That meant that for me we did not run to the Lake on weekends, holidays or ever. I never felt like I was missing anything either. I remember in high school having friends that would go the Lake of the Ozarks often. I went a few times. Once after J and married we left the kiddos with family and went with another couple. I always had fun on the water but never loved it.

Fast forward to Houston and the Gulf of Mexico beaches that are close enough for short visits. We have lived here for over six years and have been to the beach only a handful of times. Well we ventured to the beach when our cousins from St. Louis came to visit. Katy-Bug and Lizzy-Lou had a great time, I hope. They did get to see me at my best.

The beach makes me very nervous. (ALL THAT WATER!) I have so many kiddos spread out all over. Dad isn't much help because he becomes a kid and runs off to play. I felt better when we picked buddies. We only stayed on the water front for about 2 hours. We were all burned pretty bad in spite of sun screen.

They had fun and I became a happy camper as soon as we headed home.

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