Sunday, July 27, 2008

A day at the pool

We have been so on the go lately that we have not spent that much time at the pool. I am very picky about which guards I will trust. When you take as many little ones as I do I need to know that the guards are watching. I need their help to make sure the kiddos are being watched. Not all the guards keep as close an eye on things as I would like.

So there are a few good ones. My own Pooker baby is one of them. The other day Pooker was called into work early and as it turned out she was there with two brothers that are two of our favorites. They watch the kiddos, play with them and pay attention. They always pretend to lock the gate when we pull up but always thank us for helping their shift go faster.

Anyway we headed to the pool. We had a blast. As Pooker is getting older I am finding that I am having a harder time getting them all together for a picture also. So I found a way around it by posing them in front of her while she is working! The new header picture is from our day at the pool. 7-25-08

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