Monday, June 2, 2008


When J and I were in Italy my mom came to visit with the kiddos for a few days. Mimi was very much out of her element but still tried to have fun. She braved her fear of driving our big car, the 15 passenger van, and took the kiddos to the grocery store. Mimi wanted to venture off to Sams but it was just too far. She got the kiddos a package of cookies at the grocery but felt it was too small of a container. That was reinforced when everyone only got one cookie. In grandma world one cookie just isn't enough.

My silly mom found a solution. When she got home she sent a gift card for Sams to me with the instruction of using it only for cookies. The gift card even had cookies on it. Aside from how odd of a request this is, it also meant lots of cookies. We sure had fun that night. Needless to say we all had a sugar buzz for a day or two.

Mimi thanks for all the cookies and don't worry they all got more than one this time!
Love ya!

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