Saturday, December 1, 2007

Who loves Bon Jovi?

Anyone who knows my husband very well at all knows that he is a Bon Jovi fan. He has loved the music for years. When we first had Pooker he promised me that our children would not waste their time on silly kid music but learn to love great music right away. "Great music" is kind of an open term. What I might think is great, you might hate. I think dad was admitting was that he had plans to make sure that his family all loved the music that he did.

From the first moments after a positive pregnancy test all the way to our dear 16 year old, Bon Jovi music has been introduced. I don't even know it is happening until something happens like it did yesterday.

We were headed to the airport to pick up our visiting family. Dad was still out of town and we would pick him up later. The kiddos had an IPod hooked up to the car stereo. Pooker was in the passenger seat with full control for the radio. She turned to ask Bagel, the 3 year old, what song she wanted to hear next. Without skipping a beat, "Bon jovi" was the reply. "Old or New?" was the next questions asked. Bagel asked for both.

It was such an adult sounding conversation it made me laugh. At least me dear husband has accomplished one of his goals in life. His children, all of his children, young an old love his favorite music. They know his music. They listen to his music. So the moral of the story is that even when dad is out of town mom still has to listen to dad's music. I guess it OK with me considering I have also grown to enjoy Bon Jovi tunes. Needless to say that was all we listened to until Nanny, Gramps and Aunt Erica and Beans got into the car!

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  1. Too funny! Tom did the same type of thing with Van Halen, though he has only won a few of the kids over with it. Have a great family visit!


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