Sunday, July 26, 2020

I will get pancakes. I wish I had her faith!

J has been making big breakfast for the kids every Sunday morning. When we were on complete lockdown we would watch Mass (with Bear serving from OKC and Pooker and JavaJava watching the same Mass from TX) and then have a huge meal with special drinks, facetime phone calls and anything we could think of the make Sunday special. After we started back to regularly attending Sunday Mass, the breakfast size shrank.  J still makes a big meal but all of the choices are not at each meal. 

I have been struggling with the changes from Wuhan Coronavirus. As many of you know, I am a complete social creature. I want to be out and about in life’s adventures. The lockdown period was about two months for us, but I would continue to shop for groceries at least once a week. Often, I was desperately searching for much needed toilet paper. Masks were not required and I didn’t wear them, as I can’t stand them. So now as the restrictions lift but newer mask requirements are added, I am actually going out less and less.  Most of our grocery shopping is done online with delivery or curb side pickup. This means a lot more planning and a lot less spur of the moment decisions on what to eat. 

Saturday evening one of my daughters announced that she can’t wait for pancakes on Sunday morning. I heard Jason tell her that it was unlikely because we didn’t have any mix and he would not be going into the grocery store any time soon with the requirement of wearing the masks.  Shortly after her announcement Jason went to bed. This child came to me and proclaimed that she would have pancakes in the morning and smiled a huge grin. I explained that it was very unlikely and why. I said next Sunday for sure, but she would just have to be ok with waiting. She told me with the greatest of confidence that, “My daddy really loves me and he always tries to make me happy. I know I will have pancakes, I don’t know how but I trust he will provide!”

I don’t share this story to point out that this daughter was acting a tad cocky or that she had true-spoiled, unrealistic expectations. You see, I struggle with trusting in God. I struggle with trusting in those little things. I know the big things are covered but the little details worry me way too much. My kiddos don’t struggle to trust in God, and my husband is the reason. This is something I need to work on so much. Over the lockdown at the one time we got the privilege of getting to confession, I was given the penance of mentally responding to every worry with, “Jesus I trust in you!” I realized that is very easy to say but so hard to feel.  Not for my kiddos.

Early Sunday morning J had to run another child to early Mass and then to her lifeguarding job. He drove through somewhere and ordered a stack on pancakes. The truth is that our kids are not really spoiled but they trust that their dad will do what he can to make them happy. He works very hard to make their lives better.  It is that complete and innocent trust that we are supposed to have in our heavenly Father! I am most thankful that my children will not struggle with trusting in God that much because they have such a loving dad! I pray that I will gain this trust in HIM.  

Friday, June 19, 2020

Christmas Is Coming

I love the idea of having heirloom Christmas stockings up on my wall to remind me of each precious soul in my family for Christmases to come. I have always wanted to create a beautiful stocking for each family member but don't know how or where to begin. What are your traditions? Do you use stockings? Did you make the stockings, did you have them made? Do your family stockings match or is each one unique? I have been told that my kiddos do not like the fluffy felt creations so how else can I use my creative juices and talents to bring to life my vision of a wall of stockings? Please send ideas my way!!
I shared on facebook and got a bunch of cool responses and I wanted to see what this creative crowd might have to inspire me. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day Dinner

Slow cooking ribs smelled so good all day. It was wonderful when it was time for dinner. 

Everything was so yummy. I loved having many of my babies around me for dinner. I just adore my people.

Ok this proves that the kids know me so well!
Today was a wonderful day!  Happy Mother's Day, may God bless each of you as he has for me!

Friday, May 8, 2020

Tea Party

Twin Beautiful ~ Twin Adorable

So a tea party was planned and prepared for. The twins sent invitations they went to the big kids and their friends. Do-Lo was the guest of honor. It was planned as soon as we were allowed to have gatherings.

While we discussed the news that the baby was fine and Pooker was not in labor, the twins sat by the door waiting to greet their guests.  Pooker and JavaJava dressed and attended the party via phone while dad and mom were banished to the upstairs. 

A great tea party was had by all. The interesting thing is that these two 7 year olds were able to get grown men dress up to have tea with them. I am impressed. Love these people!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Dad's Hair


One of the fun things that has been happening around here is that the twins have enjoyed fixing dads hair.

Dad stocked up on treats to reward his hair dressers before we were on lock down. Twin Beautiful will work very hard for those treats.

Where to Stand

Every where you go there are lines on the floor and notes about where to stand, and how to social distance. 

If we were able to rename church then we would be able to back to church.
Just stand behind the blue markers.

This one is history in the making.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday Fun!

We all sit around waiting for the big news from Pooker. So far no news. Poor Pooker is due to have that baby's any time. The kids sat around, chatted while dad cooked dinner, talked to TX and then played some waffle ball! 

Dinner was delicious! Yum!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Brothers Building A Fence

 We have had a few fence pieces fall down. I love watching the boys fix the fence. They do almost everything together. Pickle is teaching Jumba, always. It is so cool to watch!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sticks is 21

Happy Birthday Sticks! It was so fun to participate in this trendy way to celebrate a birthday! The car train is so popular and allows us to wish happy birthday but doesn't require a ton of time. We allowed Sugar and Possible to stay out and spend time with their guys, even though lockdown didn't lift for us for a few more days. These kids have been locked up at home or babysitting or teaching swimming. Same people small areas, they needed to social again. There were so many cars lined up, and the group was led by a fire engine. I was glad to talk to Sticks later and hear him say that this was one of the best birthdays he has ever had. 

Happy Birthday Sticks!